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IDEAL Office Shredders

If you are looking for Professional Office Shredders in the U.K, we offer:

New IDEAL Shredders at discounted prices
Buy Outright IDEAL Office Shredders
● Rental of Shredders using in house finance
● FREE IDEAL Shredders when you rent our copiers
(selected models)

IDEAL Office Shredders cover various business shredding needs. Starting from basic deskside strip cut shredder like IDEAL 2220 / 4 mm P-2, then addressing high security (P-5) and CD shredding needs with deskside cross cut (CC) shredder like IDEAL 2270 CC / 2 x 15 mm P-5, then covering departmental increased shredding volume, enhanced security (P-4), A3 and CD shredding needs with IDEAL 3104 CC / 4 x 40 mm P-4, then fitting high volume departmental shredding needs with IDEAL 3804 CC / 4 x 40 mm P-4, or very high government / banking security (P-7) shredding needs with super micro cut (SMC) IDEAL 2604 SMC / 0.8 x 5 mm P-7 IDEAL Shredders should fit all business requirements.

If you require any information or would just like some help in choosing the right Professional Office Shredder for your business please contact us here at Copiers Direct.

IDEAL Office Shredders

Pricing from:

Free when you rent our copier
selected models – ask for details

Lowest Lease Prices in UK e.g.:
p/m – IDEAL 2270 CC / 3 x 25 mm
£14.36 p/m – IDEAL 3104 CC / 4 x 40 mm

Lowest Buy Ouright Prices in UK
starting from £92