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Copier Remanufacturing

di3010 copierRemanufactured Products

Photocopiers Direct is applying environmentally desirable process of remanufacturing which returns previously used copiers to showroom condition and offers customers a cost-effective alternative to brand new equipment. Apart from the ‘green’ advantages of reducing the wasteful scrapping of perfectly serviceable machines, there are financial benefits in acquiring equipment that looks as good and performs as efficiently as a new model – and carries exactly the same guarantees of copy quality and reliability as a brand new copier

What is Remanufacture? Remanufacture should never be confused with refurbishment or reconditioning. It is a process which involves the complete rebuilding of a machine using brand new parts to return it to an ‘as new’ condition.

The Process The entire process is of high standard and quality each remanufactured machine undergoes rigorous performance and safety tests before being returned to service. Every copier returned from a customer is matched with its own service and repair history. But, before it is accepted for remanufacture, it will be given a thorough check before being allocated to a skilled specialist engineer who strips the machine down to its chassis. The engineer then rebuilds his machine by hand to its original manufacturer specifications using brand new parts. Any updated technical specifications and software are automatically incorporated – including any new instructions and safety labels.

Controlling Quality Each cleaning, painting and refitting operation is undertaken using safe and environmentally friendly processes. Every machine is tested and double-checked to high quality standards by highly trained and qualified engineers. Once reassembled, the copier and all its accessories undergo rigorous quality checks. Every part is tested, adjusted, put through its paces. All functions are verified for reliability over long copy runs

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