Digital Colour and Black & White Photocopiers

    Available on all Colour and Black & White Copiers including installation and Konica Minolta copier training.


    Trade in your old copier and we can buy out your existing lease so you can benefit from Konica Minolta Copier Technology NOW!

Sharp Photocopiers

The best in Sharp colour and black & white copiers

If you are looking for a Sharp Photocopier in the U.K, we offer:

● Sharp Copiers from Cost Price (subject to Service Agreement)
● New or Used* Sharp Digital Colour Copiers at discounted prices
● FREE Sharp Copiers to Schools and Estate Agents
● Rental of Sharp Copiers using in house finance
Buy Outright or Pay for Copies Only Plans

*It used to be that when it came to purchasing a Sharp copier, you had only two choices: New or Used. What makes a guaranteed pre-owned Sharp copier so unique is that it offers you a totally different option. You see, while a guaranteed pre-owned Sharp copier is not quite new, it comes about as close to new copier standards as you can get. Each Sharp copier undergoes an inspection and reconditioning program so rigorous, ordinary copiers simply don’t measure up.

If you require any information or would just like some help in choosing the right Sharp photocopier for your business please contact us here at Copiers Direct.

We trust that this information will help you make the right choice.

Pricing from:

Lease: £10 per week – selected models

Pay For Copies Only Plans:
from 4p per colour copy, 0.6p b/w copy
contact us for details